There are about 17.000 islands that make up the largest archipelago in the world: Indonesia. It is a country that is diverse in so many ways. Think about the religions, food and customs that change from island to island. Get to know about the many forms of arts you find throughout the country. Have a taste of the local food that is different everywhere you go!
When travelling through the country you’ll notice that somethings don’t change in Indonesia. The people are incredibly friendly and welcoming. Those round faces with wide smiles is something nobody can resist and they truly are Indonesia’s business card.

Be mesmarized by the volcanic landscapes, visit Borobudur or go get acquanted with the temples or city life. It is your vacation where hopefully you will take in Indonesia and fall in love with the country like many do.


Capital of Indonesia: Jakarta
Language: Indonesian / bahasa
Number of inhabitants: +/-252 million inhabitants

Currency: Rupiah (IDR)
1 USD = +/- 12.000 IDR
1 EUR = +/- 15.000 IDR
Payment: Creditcard is often not accepted. USD are often accepted by taxi drivers, but other than that it will become quite difficult. Having Rupiah on you is the best way to go. The port often provides a currency exchange service. Check this per port underneath.

Taxis: Blue bird taxi is the official taxi of Indonesia although they are in general not available in the port. Again, these details are available per port in the port guides you’ll find underneath.
In general freelance taxis are available in port. They usually cost about 80 USD per day.
Public transportation are generally not the type of transportation we advice and hop on hop off busses haven’t made their way to this country.

Therefore in this case it is really wise to check which ports of call you are going to on your cruise and check with us what you can expect in terms of transportation.


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