A cruise destination makes or breaks your vacation! The cruise ship you will be sailing with is obviously of great importance, but so is the cruise destination itself!

Most new-be cruisers will first think about the Caribbean when thinking of cruise destination. And of course Aruba, Sint Maarten, Key West, Cozumel etc will always be number one cruise destinations. But it doesn’t stop there! There are so many other area’s in the world that you could explore. Think about the great wildernis of Alaska, the incredible islands of the French Polynesia or  the remote corners of the world like Antartica. There are over 1100 ports of call in the world and your choices are endless!

Cruise destinations

Here are some of the mayor regions in the world that are popular cruise destinations:

And that is just to name a few.

Choosing a cruise destination for your next holiday can be just a challenging as picking the ship you want to take. Obvisouly logistics, time and weather will all influence your decision. But mostly you might want to ask your question: What ports of call do you get to choose from and what is actually there for your to see and do. We have put together a selection or cruise ports to check out that might help you with that decision. Hope it helps!